Who is the ITLP?

We are a group of friends living in Portugal and Spain working together to share an open learning process on the topics of Holistic Science and Transition Economics with deeply rooted sense of place and community in the Iberian Peninsula. The ITLP serves as a mentoring network with emphasis on spiritual, ecological and economic perspectives that try to understand the particular problems facing the Iberian peninsular. The partnership aims to create an Iberian network of centers and people to address these problems in the spirit of a Holistic approach as taught at Schumacher College. We are a group of people and organizations taking pragmatic steps of change; thinking global and acting local.

ShantenaAugusto Shantena Sabbadini

(www.shantena.com) In the 1970’s I have worked as a theoretical physicist at the University of Milan and at the University of California. In the 1980’s I helped set up a spiritual commune and organic farm in Tuscany. In the 1990’s I was scientific consultant for the Eranos Foundation, an East-West research centre, and wrote various translations and commentaries of Chinese classics. I am associate director of the Pari Center for New Learning (www.paricenter.com), an alternative educational institution located in Pari, Tuscany, and since February 2012 I am a visiting teacher at Schumacher College. I teach about Taoism, phenomenology, quantum physics and the I Ching.




Cruz Mañas

I was born in May 1968 in Cordoba and, although I lived in different places, I belong to the landscape of the Sierra Morena. I have always been interested in the secrets of the human heart, and for this reason I wrote poetry and had two children. I am a clinical psychologist and have a third degree in psychological research. I gave clinical and psycho-educational treatment in the penitentiary environment and I am a researcher in Mindfulness and a psychotherapist. My dynamic orientation leads me to bring consciousness to psychic symptoms in order to transcend and transform them. I seek to participate in holistic forms of intervention based on a more integral approach than the prevailing biomedical one. I believe in psychology as a tool for social change, since any improvement we may realise in this world starts with ourselves.


carmenCarmen Maraschin

Carmen started her professional life as an environmentalist with a degree in Biology and a specialisation in Marine Ecology. Being always interested in the interchange of energies among different elements of our ecosystem, Carmen was astonished when she discovered Astrology because it added a psychic dimension into her worldview. After several years of study, she developed a practice in Lisbon which is still active after 25 years. Later on, she continued her studies attending the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London. At that point, she developed workshops exploring the role of Astrology in bringing together science and spirituality and, in the process, contributing to a more sustainable worldview. She was invited to introduce the concepts of Astrology to the MSc course in Holistic Sciences of 2008. Carmen completed her MSc (Distinction) in Holistic Sciences at Schumacher College in 2009 with a dissertation exploring astrology as a language that is able to decode fields of meaning and purpose that pervade the whole universe and its linkages to holistic science. Carmen brings to the course an interesting and unusual way of looking at the underlying sources that may link inner and outer manifestations through meaningful synchronicities and from that an evolving notion of a Cosmic Gaia.

sergioSergio Maraschin

Sergio Antonio Maraschin has worked as a field geologist, environmental specialist, project manager and corporate advisor over his 35 years of professional experience. Sergio has a wide exposure to all aspects of non-renewable resources. He has worked as a corporate environmental advisor for Billiton International, Gencor and Shell International in setting policies and standards, designing and implementing systems and projects, as well as managing a large number of integrated impact assessments and restoration projects. He has lived and worked in Brazil, Portugal, Indonesia, Holland, United Kingdom, Syria and Algeria with assignments to other regions of the globe. He holds degrees in Geology (UFRGS, Brazil), Environmental Management (University of London), Economic Geology (McGill University) and Holistic Sciences (MSc Distinction, Schumacher College). Sergio brings to the course his knowledge and passion for the complex Gaian links among rocks, life, water and ecology. His experience can also contribute to the debate of living in harmony within Nature while having to rely on the exploitation of natural resources.

MariaMaria Llanos del Corral

I studied social psychology and an “International Cooperation” Masters in Spain. I worked for The Red Cross for seven years in various countries; Peru, Malawi, Niger and Spain in Community development, Economic Development and food security. In Spain I did coordinated the Education for Development programme both in formal and non-formal education raising awareness and understanding about Human Rights, expanding this work to businesses through Corporate Social Responsibility trainings and establishing alliances with a wide range of companies. I have complemented this learning’s with a Master in “Economics for transition” at Schumacher College. This incursion in the economic realm was triggered by a will to understand an economic system that is central in today’s social, moral and ecological crisis and to explore new economic alternatives which locate at its core the well-being of all, human and non human. My interest today is still related to social change. I’m creating spaces to work with the challenges we face in today’s changing reality. I’m facilitating workshops about complexity, leadership and Resilient Activism with those who could and are entitle to bring about the change we need.

sebSebastian Burch

Sebastian completed his MSc (Distinction) in Holistic Science in 2008. In 2011 he co-Founded Gaia y Sofia, a small social company in Asturias with a group of friends who got together to create a shared economy that cares for soil, soul and society. He works part time as a farmer, IT support and changemaker at Posada del Valle applying his ideas on holistic landscapes and small diversified economies. Passionate about lifelong learning and the role of non formal education in the field of change, he organizes local courses and retreats on ecology, art and crafts, as well as coordinates international learning partnerships within the EU educational programme of the Erasmus +. Inspired by great teachers and mentors as facilitator and communicator Seb has a theatrical style that shares rituals, thresholds and challenges with the intention to start a group living story on new meanings in life.