Paths of Change

After completing the three core modules we will enter into a journey to explore the inner and outer transitions triggered by the three prior modules. The pilgrimage module will be co-created by the participants and they will be hold and supported by the facilitators throughout the whole process.

This walking program provides space for non formal learning drawn from the fields of deep ecology, transition movement, way of council, Theory U and the work of Joanna Macy.


“Life itself is a pilgrimage. To be a pilgrim is to be on the move, physically, mentally and metaphorically. Life is a pilgrimage because life is not static. Life has no ultimate objective. Life is to be lived in every moment. The meaning of life is the living.

As a pilgrim I discover the mystery, the magic, the meaning, the magnificence of life in every step I take, in every sound I hear, in every sight I see.”

– Satish Kumar

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