Course Overview

This course brings together elements of Schumacher College’s highly regarded postgraduate courses in Holistic Science and Economics for Transition and will allow you to explore these issues within an innovative learning proposal, where we combine on-line education with residential learning, studying and living experiences.

The aim of the certificate is to give participants an introduction to holistic thinking and how it can be present in economics, unfolding a system fit for the ecological, social and economic challenges of the 21st century.

The emphasis is on exploring wholeness – what it is, how it can manifest in your life and how it can inspire you to develop ways of living that are in tune with the Earth. Our intention as a learning partnership is to assist each student with help and guidance on developing their own holistic self-directed learning journey.

Program Calendar


Each module offers the opportunity for you to deepen into the topics most relevant to your learning journey by independent research culminating in a thousand word essay.

This process will be supported and graded by the tutors.

A diploma will be awarded by Schumacher College on successful completion of this course.